Robert M. Otto, Ph.D.
Director, Exercise Science – Graduate

Sarah Doolittle

Stephen J. Virgilio
Director, Physical Education – Graduate

Associate Professors

Anne Gibbone

Jean Harris
Director, Health Studies

Ellen Kowalski
Co-Director, Physical Education – Undergraduate

Gregory Letter
Director, Sport Management

Mara Manson
Co-Director, Physical Education – Undergraduate

Helmut Robert Perez

Paul Rukavina

Jules Woolf

Emilia Patricia Zarco
Chair of Exercise Science, Health Studies, Physical Education and Sport Management

Assistant Professors

Kadi Bliss

Kevin Mercier

John Petrizzo

Meredith Anne Whitley

Clinical Assistant Professor

Daniel Bedard  Cynthia Proscia

Clinical Faculty

John Wygand
Director, Exercise Science – Undergraduate

Professor Emeritus

Ronald Feingold  

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Ruth S. Ammon School of Education
p – 516.877.4100

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